Wolf Research


In Jennifer McCarthy's studies into wolf, wolf-dog and dog research, she has done everything from living with all three Canids under one roof at the same time (on going study) to one-on-one interviews with top experts such as Doug Smith and Rick McIntire. Jennifer has transported both wolves and wolf-dogs across state lines from shelters to rescue organizations and worked exclusively with Mission: Wolf in Southern Colorado. She has conducted experiments on captive wolves using smells, domestic dogs, documenting the behavior of a wolf raised as a dog and observed wolves in the wild for weeks on end. She has also sat on the front lines in Yellowstone with wolf biologists and helped prepare a wolf-dog for Defender's of Wildlife ambassador wolf program. Jennifer is a featured lecturer on the subject for various pet stores and rescue groups and volunteers her time transporting and dealing with behavior issues for private clients and rescue organizations.

The following blogs and articles relate to the topics of research. Jennifer is currently working on a book that deals with such subjects in more detail.


  1. Domestic Dog Wolf Program
  2. What Wolves Have Taught Me About Dogs
  3. Kindred Spirit
  4. Way Of the Wolf
  5. Finding Balance With Nature

Blog Entries:

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  2. Yellowstone National Park Wolf Expedition
  3. Dog/Wolf News
  4. Travel